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The Bucking Horse by Jodie Bowen

The Bucking Horse by Jodie Bowen

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When we found out Jess was featured in a picture inside a children’s book, we knew we had to get our hands on some copies for our kids. Then we read the story about the horse who wanted to buck which is filled with great lessons for our kids and we thought you might like a copy too. Check out Jess’ picture riding the real live “Bucking Horse” during his days riding bulls and bronc horses.  


This story is about a horse who just can’t stop doing what he loves, even when others want him to change.


This horse loves to buck but that’s not what his owners want him to do. What’s going to happen to him if he keeps throwing his riders off?



About the Author:

Jodie Bowen was born and raised in Flamborough, Ontario, Canada, on a farm with over 100 horses. She, her brother and her sister are the 4th generation of her family in the horse industry.

Jodie is a wife and mother, and has a deep love for all animals.  She is known for having the friendliest pets, saving chipmunks from barn cats, placing baby birds back in their nests and getting emotional each time a new foal is born.

Jodie brings her passion for writing and animals to life as she shared stories from her past. The Bucking Horse is Jodie’s second children’s book. Look for other books by Jodie at www.orchard park


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